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Know Your Rares #1: Glitched Festive Lights

Hi jammers! Kinhira here with a new thing I would like to start called ‘Know Your Rares’ where I talk about new rares/glitched items/betas that come out. For the first ‘Know Your Rares’ is recently introduced to the Animal Jam community, which is magenta festive lights. 

Magenta festive lights were only available for a few ours, as a gift, and in stores. They were members only, but then, AJHQ noticed that the lights had the wrong coloring, resulting in them fixing it and them becoming non member. There are only around 10-30 thousand of them out of +45 million jammers. 

They are said to be worth more than the 1st glitched ring and magenta furries, as they were available for less time. When the Magenta Festive Lights were taken out of stores, so were the Jamaaliday Capes, Jamaalidays Head Bows, Holly Hair Bows, Jamaaliday Gift Shoes, Jamaalidays Kite, and Snow Globe Hat, but those items were re added since the release of Festive lights. 

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