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Know Your Rares #2: Ibex Horns

Hello everyone! I am Kinhira and welcome to the second ‘Know Your Rares’ thing. ūüėÄ Today, let’s talk about the supposably “Rare” ibex horns.¬†

Ibex horns were released on October 9th, 2015 for the night of the phantoms for the price of 500 gems. Not many people bought them though.

When Ibex Horns were removed from stores, everyone thought it was removed due to complaints of it being satanic. Jammers were trading 1st glitched rings, beta tiaras, beta blankets, and black longs for it. The popularity of it grew throughout the animal jam community.  

A while after the rumor that they were removed because of satanism was spread, Clark heard about this and had to act. It was confirmed that Ibex Horns were a holiday item and not removed because of satanism. So, Please, don’t let people scam you.


Happy jamming!